Unspoken Services

Here at Solar Pixel we provide so much more than a list of services for Cedar Rapids, Iowa. We provide personal service and back up everything we offer with that service. It is the unspoken services that make us stand out in the Cedar Rapids, Iowa crowd.


3-5 Page Simple Website
- $650-$900

6+ page Dynamic Website
- Contact us for an estimate

Mobile App

Contact us for an estimate

Web Based Applications

Simple (No Database)
- $500 (Approximate)

Complex (Database)
- Contact us for an estimate

Graphic Design

Logo Design
- $350 (Approximate)

Custom Designs
- Contact us for an estimate

Print Design

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Cedar Rapids, Iowa Design & Development Services

Cedar Rapids, Iowa Website Design & Development

We build professional quality web sites and web based software applications for the Cedar Rapids, Iowa area. We develop and include cutting edge custom graphic designs, intuitive navigation architectures, and search engine friendly products. All of our projects are hand-written and custom developed to fit each unique Cedar Rapids, Iowa client's needs. Every Cedar Rapids, Iowa design and development project we take on is subjected to rigorous testing and must stand up to the highest web standards.

Cedar Rapids, Iowa Web Application Development

Web Based Applications can be ANYTHING you can dream up. From a simple information gathering forms to a complex system that dynamically keeps a list of items up to date; the range in scope of web based applications is huge. If your Cedar Rapids, Iowa business currently has a spreadsheet that you are constantly updating you are a prime candidate for us to take your spreadsheet and turn it into a web based application so that you can work with that data from anywhere in the Cedar Rapids, Iowa area and beyond with a web connection.

Cedar Rapids, Iowa Mobile Application Development

Since the smartphone revolution started in the late 2000's the world of mobile apps has exploded and continues to grow. This field is always changing and we harness the hybrid approach of making mobile apps so you have an amazing synthesis of web based technologies and native smartphone apps to create a product that ties all of your web presence together.

Cedar Rapids, Iowa Graphic Design

Cedar Rapids, Iowa Graphic Design is something we LOVE to do. We also understand that there are usually MANY drafts before that knockout design is reached, our quoted price does not change depending on the number of drafts. We aim to take what is in your brain and make it happen in a digital form and will work unceasingly to achieve that goal.

Cedar Rapids, Iowa Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

You'll hear many things about how to "trick" the search engines into ranking your site higher. However, if you want lasting results, you've gotta start with a great design. Clean code, relevant text, optimized graphics, and proper relevant links are just a few of the things we keep in mind when working on your SEO from the ground up.

Cedar Rapids, Iowa Web Hosting

Here at Solar Pixel, we don't believe your site should be supporting porn or other attacks on the family or society. That's why you can be sure when you're hosting with us, your money is not going to anyone supporting those ideals. Click Here for more Cedar Rapids, Iowa Hosting Information

Cedar Rapids, Iowa Print Design and Printing Services

Print Design is another service offered as part of the graphic design suite. Coupled with our print design services we can actually have your designs printed and delivered to your door. Contact us for exact pricing or see our pricing page for some basic pricing.